Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Site

Okay so i have a new site on missing saddle.  At the moment it is more basic then this site but over the next couple months it will become blinged out.  It is

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Singer and Lucy

Well so i just got a big call about an half an hour ago..  Noah Singer and Shannon Watford (Lucy) are engaged.  A couple years ago i actually joked that they got engaged and alot of people though i was serious.  But this time it is official.  They even have a website for it.  I guess that is the big thing to do now once you are engaged.  Also they said I'm in the wedding so i guess i need to save the date and miss a weekend of cross racing.  Here is a photo of what I'm guessing singers proposal looked like.  So congrats to LUCY AND SINGER.   Schmidty and I will have to go out tomorrow and celebrate.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Well so i've officially been on vaca for about a week and half now.  It was a couple rough days to get here especially considering i was alittle under the weather.  Once i got here Todd and Meg picked up Alison and I and we were off to san pancho.  Nothing beats going right from the belgium to the beach in mexico.  It has been amazing here mid 80's everyday and i've even got a tan now.  I have had a great time over the last weekend hanging out with alison, todd, meg, and megs parents.  I did finally walk from the town over with alison i had never done it before and ended up being a bit of an adventure.  We ended up getting out of the jungle right as the sun was coming down.  That could have sucked.  Besides from that i don't have a camera with me so i don't have any pictures to put up.  Alison left today so it is just Todd, Meg and I hanging out for the next couple days.  I leave on wednesday so i've only got left a couple more days of warm weather before it is back to winter in colorado.  Alison should e-mail me some photos some time this week so hopefully my next post will have some photos.  Besides from that i don't know if i have written this on my site but i will be riding for Clif Bar on the mtb, road, and cross bike in 09.  Really looking forward to the upcoming season i feel like im actually ready to start training again.  I have to hold off for a couple more weeks though otherwise i will be flying in march and creeping the rest of the year..

Monday, December 29, 2008


Well i think i mite have just had my best race in euroland yet.  I ended up 24th 2:55 down at diegem last night.  It is always nice when the people you are riding with actually have fans all around the course.  I was only 30 seconds off 16th place which was an awesome result for me.  I was really racing not just riding around.  The course was amazing as always in diegem and was under the lights which just made it a step up.  I even got call a douche during the race.  That always makes u feel good.  With the late race i wasn't able to sleep which sucked.  I was up until 3 a.m. just watching seinfled after seinfled and reading chapter upon chapter of my book.  This morning i woke up went out for a spin got a massage from the fox and laid around all day.  Tomorrow it is time to pin up the number again and do battle with the euros one more time.  Hopefully i will have good legs and maybe have a great ride.  We will see..

Friday, December 26, 2008

Quick Update

Ended up 35th today in the world cup in zolder. I was stoked with the result i had a couple problems and didnt have amazing legs but all and all a good day. I dropped my chain with just about 4 laps to go and lost my group and had to give it everything i had to get back. After i got back i was in the hurt locker forshooow but was able to hold on until half a lap to go but than it was lights out. It would have been nice to win the group and end up 28th on the day but i will take 35th 3:20 down. The course was super fast with a couple technical sections. I almost TKO myself when i was trying to come back to the group going down the major descent on the course no brakes ended up in a full on drift at the bottom with my bars T up. It was one of those moments u see your life flash before your eyes and just think this is going to hurt. After the race you could tell 20000 spectators watched the race considering it took an hour to go 3K to the highway. Tomorrow is an off day with maybe a coffee shop ride with a opener or two to get the legs ready for diegem on sunday under the lights. I'm sure i will also find a couple things to make fun of shriver and the fox about also. Andrew is definitely the easiest person to pick on it is like shooting fish in the barrel with him. Hopefully i will get some good photos from mario of todays race that maybe i can post tomorrow.

Life at the house!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

So it is christmas day and im currently in izegem getting ready for the world cup in zolder tomorrow. I can't wait to get the racing underway since i've been here for 6 days without much going on. The training feels good i think todd and i made the right call taking a little break after natz b/c im motivated to race and my legs arent tired anymore. So the number will be pinned on 4 more times in the next 7 days and than it is on the plane and back to the U.S. for a day than Alison and I meet up with Todd and Meg in mexico. It sure does look alot nicer there than here let me tell you. But i actually did see the sun today which was nice change. It had been alittle over a week up until today that is a long time when you are use to living in D-town. So on tuesday i went to brugge with matter and shriver. It was a cool afternoon trip and a good way to get out of the house. On wednesday we hit up the tour of flanders museum which was awesome to see but all i really wanted to do was take a nap. Museum seem to have that affect on me. Last night Els put together a great meal for christmas even and santa claus even showed up. I got a picture taken with him on the fox's camera maybe i can get it from him at some point. So here are some pics from the trip to brugge.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Well i made it over here with out any problems.  It is nice to be back in belgium and see the fox ells noel and the rest of the staff.  Also kicking it with everyone else who is over here for the camp.  Rooming with shriver and brian matter.  Shrivers didn't have anything show up so he was trying to rock the clif kit for the last couple of days.  He thinks he is big time now.  Besides from that just trying to get use to the euro life again, it has been a 2 years.  I did a small race today more for an effort than anything else.  I was looking forward to taking an entire weekend off from racing but it is way easier to do part of a race instead of trying to do a effort out on the roads by yourself.  So i raced for about a half an hour and was definitely feeling the jet lag.  I have a couple good stories about my flight over here so i'll leave you with one.  So i ran to my connection in DC.  Made it with close to no time to spare.  Get in line and a guy rolls up behind me and starts telling me how he had a tight connection.  "I only had 30 minutes between flights so i didnt have time to get food all i had time for was to go smoke a couple  in the smoking lounge.  You can't go on a seven hour flight with out smoking before it."  All i was thinking to myself was please don't let this guy be anywhere near me on the plane.  Lucky for me i think he ended up with the nice seat up against the bathrooms.  I had a sweet seat with plenty of leg room not business class but probably the best economy plus seat you could have.