Friday, December 26, 2008

Quick Update

Ended up 35th today in the world cup in zolder. I was stoked with the result i had a couple problems and didnt have amazing legs but all and all a good day. I dropped my chain with just about 4 laps to go and lost my group and had to give it everything i had to get back. After i got back i was in the hurt locker forshooow but was able to hold on until half a lap to go but than it was lights out. It would have been nice to win the group and end up 28th on the day but i will take 35th 3:20 down. The course was super fast with a couple technical sections. I almost TKO myself when i was trying to come back to the group going down the major descent on the course no brakes ended up in a full on drift at the bottom with my bars T up. It was one of those moments u see your life flash before your eyes and just think this is going to hurt. After the race you could tell 20000 spectators watched the race considering it took an hour to go 3K to the highway. Tomorrow is an off day with maybe a coffee shop ride with a opener or two to get the legs ready for diegem on sunday under the lights. I'm sure i will also find a couple things to make fun of shriver and the fox about also. Andrew is definitely the easiest person to pick on it is like shooting fish in the barrel with him. Hopefully i will get some good photos from mario of todays race that maybe i can post tomorrow.

Life at the house!!


At 12:36 PM , Blogger Tim said...

Nice ride at Diegem. Keep it going.



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