Sunday, December 21, 2008


Well i made it over here with out any problems.  It is nice to be back in belgium and see the fox ells noel and the rest of the staff.  Also kicking it with everyone else who is over here for the camp.  Rooming with shriver and brian matter.  Shrivers didn't have anything show up so he was trying to rock the clif kit for the last couple of days.  He thinks he is big time now.  Besides from that just trying to get use to the euro life again, it has been a 2 years.  I did a small race today more for an effort than anything else.  I was looking forward to taking an entire weekend off from racing but it is way easier to do part of a race instead of trying to do a effort out on the roads by yourself.  So i raced for about a half an hour and was definitely feeling the jet lag.  I have a couple good stories about my flight over here so i'll leave you with one.  So i ran to my connection in DC.  Made it with close to no time to spare.  Get in line and a guy rolls up behind me and starts telling me how he had a tight connection.  "I only had 30 minutes between flights so i didnt have time to get food all i had time for was to go smoke a couple  in the smoking lounge.  You can't go on a seven hour flight with out smoking before it."  All i was thinking to myself was please don't let this guy be anywhere near me on the plane.  Lucky for me i think he ended up with the nice seat up against the bathrooms.  I had a sweet seat with plenty of leg room not business class but probably the best economy plus seat you could have.


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